Manny Gonzalez was born in a small hamlet in the mountains of Asturias in northernmost Spain. He emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina when he was eight years old and finally settled in Miami in the early 90s.

An award-winning photographer, Manny is self-taught and draws inspiration from the world around him. His portfolio is broad in scope with a focus on nature and landscape photography. His success story can be credited to his fueled energy for photography, which has gotten him to receive First Place in Photography at the 2019 Pinecrest Arts Festival and the People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Beaux Arts Festival.

Manny takes great pride in his work and carefully processes each photo and prints them on the finest materials to provide the most perfect and unique image possible. His work reflects the timeless quiet beauty of nature and has the effect of drawing the viewer into a peaceful realm of wonder.

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